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Project 2 M4 OPS TAN

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Thanks..I built this for my Son so he can plink with me..When I use my AR. But every now & then I use it @ a Rifle steel plate move & shoot meets @ targets under 100yrds..

Mann this rifle crazy fun, fast, light weight & especially accurate.. Shooting @ 50yrd & below swiping hostage flap targets & gongs is so much fun. I like to mod the trigger to give it a more predictable break..

I doing my reseach on that now...any ideas out there?? send my way..

thanks :thumb:

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Bill Springfield in Colorado Springs did mine, a well spent $45. I tried different springs in mine first, and while it had a real nice pull, it also went full auto. Send Bill an e-mail to get his current pricing, http://www.triggerwork.net/. I pulled the trigger pack out & sent it to Bill, he does the return shipping, I think it took 1.5 weeks start to finish.

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