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Dressing it up


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Which method did you use for the color fill?

I have been using the Sharpie brand paint pens, have not compared them to everything but the paint seems to be a little thicker then a few others that I have tried. I clean the lettering with a little brake clean on a towel then fill the lettering to the point where it is completely covered, wait a minute or two and then give the excess a quick dab, it will streak on the surface but I just leave that alone for a couple more minutes and then spray just a little brake clean on a towel and then wipe the streaks. do not put to much brake clean on the towel that way the break clean does not go into the lettering and loosen the paint in the lettering. It seems to take two-three applications like this to get a good fill. When the fill is looking good, a little more brake clean and towel action to clean it all up and then let it sit a little while longer...10 minutes or so then I clean it all up with first some Hopps # 9 and then wipe it all down with Rem Oil  the Hopps and oil seem to cut the residue and streaking caused by the brake clean and brings back a nice look to the black.

Thanks Guys! when its all done and ready I will post pics of the pistol and rifle together!

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