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wow what a gift


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Well I shot 80 rounds of the 200 rounds of 69 grain ppu match ammo in my remington 700 and iam really disappointed with it first of all I had about 20 hang fires waited a minute and recocked the bolt and it fire so thats telling the primer isnt seated correctly. Second I have 4 cases with pieced primers and about another 7 or 8 with other over pressure signs with the primer poking out of the brass. Also I couldn't hit a barn door with it today i was aiming at the same aim point on the target and I would get a couple of flyers per box. When I shot my 77 grain nosler custom comps they flew straight and true. Iam mightly disappointed with this ammo iam glad it was a gift and I didn't pay for it. Still not happy though as I thought it might be some good ammo  >:( iam gona stick to reloading  ;D

But ill strip this lot down and just reload the brass I have another 200 223 brass cases.

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