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unhappieness with sportsman warehouse


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Today, got up early, went to Sportsman Warehouse for the Black Friday Door Buster, I can understand limited supplies, I can understand special purchases, issuing numbers...all that. What I am struggling with is that Sportsman Warehouse allowed the sale of multiple Items, specifically the Para 1911 to single individuals. Many people were purchasing 2-3 of these 1911's leaving about half of the people who were there in the dark, waiting for the store to open empty handed. So after about 3 hours of waiting at the counter, just to watch the 1911's being sold to the hoarders...about 40-50 customers left empty handed. In My opinion, 1 person, 1 issued number, 1 door buster 1911 doorbuster, you made 40 people or so happy and pissed off some where in the range of 40-60 others. My wife and I had several hundred dollars worth of stuff in our cart, we unloaded it and left the store purchasing nothing. I "was" a regular customer, stopping in on a regular basis. Not saying that I will never go in again, But Sportsman will no longer be my first and regular stop.

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I have tried to support a couple of our smaller shops, unfortunately one of them just seems to be a poor fit even though I really like the ownership, the other, a lot of really High end stuff, out side of my needs and price range, but I really do like walking in and having then know me by name, greet me and they let me walk out with as much 22lr as I want!

There are several of the counter guys at our local Sportsman Warehouse that recognize me, ect. Have received pretty good service there, purchasing firearms there has usually been a positive experience at a price point that was fair and good enough to pay the couple of extra dollars/instant gratification vs internet buying.

Just still stinging from the Black Friday experience,  did not agree with the policy and the way they handled it. But it is their Store and their right to run it the way they want.

  Not picking up a 1911 at a great price point was disappointing.... but we (the wife and I) also think our time and effort on Black Friday morning just seemed to be disrespected and wasted..keep coming back to, one gun, one happy customer. the majority of those in line could have been happy customers instead of half to two thirds leaving disappointed and/or mad.  It will effect future purchase decisions.

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