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Hello Everyone


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New here, not so new to 22's.

Always looking for new ideas.  Looking forward to getting out and doing some shooting this spring, the winter slows my ambitions.  I have a couple new toys to play with as well.  Picked up a Nordic for one of my 10/22's, Christmas present to myself.  Have another that I put in the Magnum Tech stock for a light plinker.  Also, Palmetto had a great price on a 1911 conversion so I had to pick that up, my only other 22 handgun is a Mark II Target.

With 22 ammo coming back into availability these should get a good ringing out this summer. 

I do have a 10/22 in a Tapco already, can you tell I like the 10/22?  Granted, I have other 22's besides Rugers.  I just enjoy shooting, and fortunately my wife sees the therapeutic value in a day at the range.  She enjoys it herself.

I am looking forward to checking out everyone here's tips, tricks, and of course, the gun porn!

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Thanks everyone!

Yeah, I have a pretty good variety of .22's, as well as the other stuff.  I try to keep to the more popular (easily available) calibers, it was that way with .22 lr for the first four decades that I shot it anyways.  The price increases with it coming back to the shelves are a bit depressing.

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