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Need for backup sights on a plinker


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OK..I understand that some folks love to dress their 22's with all kind of tactical gear and its their money.

But as a plinker with my HK 416 with a Truglo dot sight, I am having a hard time justifying  another $100 for some fold down backup sights. I mean, its a plinker and I am not going to be clearing the house with it( I have a 17 rnd 9 m/m auto with a light for that).

If I am at the range and the dot sight quits, I'll just reach into my gun box and install the factory sights again.

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I hear ya talking - I am not fond of sights that die with a battery, which is why I like scopes that may or may not light up, but still function if the battery dies. That being said, I use my Colt .22lr as a practice platform for for one of my AR's, so I have the same scope set-up on the .22 as the AR. On my Sweetie's AR, I do have flip-up rear BUS, co-registered with a true-glow red dot and the front sight tower. You can get the MagPul polymer ones for under $50. Just a matter of preference. And depth-of-wallet.

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I like the co-registered sights also, both our ARs are set up that way with Magpul's and Vortex Sparc red dots. Since my plinker is a 10/22 I stick a with scope which require no battery power for there to be a reticle or I can light if it is a really drab day.

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