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Hello all, first post--is there a drop in trigger for the 416 22LR?

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Hi all, glad to have found this site. Been itching for a  AR based 22lr and this site convinced me to go with the HK rather than a S&W.  Picked up one this weekend at a local gun show.  After putting some rounds thru it I am totally in love with it.

What I would like to know is there a drop in trigger assembly to replace the stock trigger pack or is gonna be a take it apart and have it gunsmithed deal?



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I don't know about negative reviews,  the work that he did for me was first rate, as I said the cost was $45 and he paid the return shipping, took about a week. You should give him a call, or send an e-mail. You know how the internet is, a competitor can sandbag you with fake complaints..... :confused:

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I agree with you about the internet techmike and I hesitated to make that statement with out firsthand knowledge. When I first goggled his name looking for his site, many complaints came up from different forums. I base many of my purchases (not just gun related) on reviews from others, and often take them with a pound of salt.

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