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Fireclean = Vegetable oil


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I have seen Fireclean advertised in gun mags, but I tend to not get excited about the latest/greatest thing to hit the market. So now the Firearm Blog has published evidence that appears to prove that the highly endorsed product Fireclean (Fireclean ad) is nothing more than vegetable oil sold at a 10,000% mark-up. Guess it is good to know that vegetable oil can be used as a gun lube in an emergency situation. Have you used Fire clean? What do you think about it?

Link - you decide

Fireclean responds


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I have used it and it stays put and does appear to make clean up easier. Where I really noticed it was after I seasoned my suppressor with it. (SiCo Sparrow) The lead build up was minimal on the half shells and scraping was at a minimum. 

Not sure I will buy it again. Slip2000 EWL has also worked well and is a bit cheaper. 

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I stay away from vegetable based lubricants. They will spoil over time, and can really gum up a gun if left stored in warm conditions. I've seen Frog Lube lock up a AR-15 when it was stored after being lubricated with it after just 6 months. When "Fireclean" was first introduced, it had a "use by" date on it. Petroleum based oils and lubricants will all but last forever.

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