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TSA privacy violations and groping.


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Ok guys, I want to know your thoughts on this.

There has recently been a lot of stink about the TSA's use of their scanners and body searches.

Here are my thoughts on the matter.

First off, I travel....A LOT. I usually fly across throughout the US at least 2-3 times a month. So I spend quite a bit of time going through TSA security checkpoints. Occasionally, I fly in the company jet, so I know the corporate jet side of the TSA also.

I dont mind metal detectors, I dont mind the carry-on x-ray scanners, I dont mind taking off my shoes, and removing metal from my pockets. I dont mind having to uncase my laptop, or put all my toiletries in zip-lock bags. But %&*($#% Im getting absolutely fed up with being subjected to either a full nudity scan, or a groping by some TSA agent each and everytime I have to go somewhere.

And having a military background, and security background, I know what it takes for security, and TSA's current policies are a smoke screen attempt at securing airlines. It's all just to make you "FEEL" safe. Its NOT safe, never has been.

And here is why.

1. Body scanners cannot scan body cavities.

2. TSA groping cannot detect items hidden in body cavities.

3. There is nothing that the scanner can do, that a well-trained bomb dog cant also be trained to do, with much MUCH less intrusive methods. Dogs can be taught to sniff out drugs, bombs, firearms, and any other item you dont want going through security, and they are 100% effective at this task.

4. There isnt a single private or corporate aircraft in the entire US that is subjected to TSA security measures, or searches. Do you understand what that means? That means as a corporate flyer, I can pack my own luggage, get out of the car, and walk right out onto the runway, board a jet, and take off, with NO security checkpoints....ZERO. And I do this on a regular basis. This is in planes in sizes ranging from simple commuter prop planes to full blown Embraer, Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas jets, like what Delta uses.

5. Air cargo is not searched. Airlines like Delta, regularly ship MASSIVE boxes, crates, and other shipments on commercial airlines with passengers, and none of these packages are searched. They just take them, and load them on the plane with your luggage. At the most, they might make a random sniff with some dogs...MAYBE. And its rare.

Now you can refuse the full body scan and subject yourself to a groping by some TSA agent. And they will feel you up for sure. I do not appreciate having some TSA agent rubbing his hands all up in my crotch.

There's just NO excuse for this kind of violation of my privacy and body.  They have absolutely NO reasonable cause for searching me, and its a violation of my rights, and a invasion of my privacy.

In my opinion. Security on the airlines is important. We would be better served to fire all these TSA agents, remove the body scanners, and replace them with a guard with a gun and a sniffing dog, and then hire one of these un-employed folks that Obama has put out of work to pass out box-cutters to each and every passenger with a cute little delta logo on them so we can defend ourselves instead of relying on some fake security from a wanna-be cop with a TSA shirt and badge.

I am writing every senator, airport CEO, president, airline, and representative I know to complain about this injustice to the American public, and I encourage you to do the same.

This has to stop, and it has to stop now. If the TSA continues unchecked, it wont be long before we end up with a gestapo asking for papers before you can travel.

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I see your point. I was scanned and patted my last trip. I have an artificial knee that sets all the whistles off. I honestly wasn't offended....If they want to scan me go for it. Everytime I enter a courthouse the same thing. Hands over head, pat down and hand detector scan of my whole body.


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Its getting stupid.

First it was take out your laptop.

Then it was take off your shoes.

Then it was no more bottles.

Then it was take off your jacket

Then it was let me see your underwear.

Now its bend over and cough.

Where does it end?

Every month these idiots come up with a new "security measure" that subjects us to even more invasive procedures.

Ive almost reached the point of telling a TSA agent to kiss my you know what....but Im afraid he might.

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Lawyers I know have advised that as soon as the search is finished leave the area and request to report a sexual assault to the airport PD.  Demand a report and do not give up until you get one.  List the TSA agent by name as the suspect.

The DA in my jurisdiction is a good friend and he is ready to charge a TSA goon if they step across the line.  At my home airport last week I witnessed a teenaged girl being escorted to the "back room" and her parents were NOT allowed to accompany here.  WTF???

bdavision I am curious about your experience with TSA on the private side.  A neighbors company owns a Lear 45 and I frequently fly with them and they have NEVER had any TSA contact at all.

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These new pat downs are assault. I have a pacemaker/difibulator in my right front shoulder, so I can't go thru the metal detectors, scanners or be wanded as all these can damage the device, so I always get patted down, but the videos I've seen of the pat downs they are doing now is nothing like those I've had in the past.

I agree with BD this is a smokescreen to make Americans feel it is safe to fly. Until be move to the point we are doing extra checking on the ones most likely to try and cause harm and stop being PC it ain't going to be safe. Quite frankly I'm tired of going thru the pat down at the security checkpoint and then again at the gate as the pick the middle age white guy to prove they aren't profiling. I say profile by all means, the Muslims don't like to bad.

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As far as my experience with TSA and flying corporate or private aircraft....there is none.

Say for instance you hire a charter flight. Or your company has its own plane and pilot. The process works like this. You drive to the airport, get out of car, grab luggage out of trunk, walk right out onto the tarmac, toss luggage in the back of the plane, climb in, and take off.

Not once during this process do you even see a TSA agent, or any other security. There are no X-ray machines, nothing. There is no security.

There's no limit to size of aircraft that I know of. This could be anything from a Piper Cub to a 757 if your company can afford to pay for one.

Now, there is a difference between a charter flight, and a charter airline.

My understanding is that once the charter folks decide to make regularly scheduled flights and sell tickets to the public from an airport (private, regional, or international), then they become an "airline" and they have to pay for a TSA agent to perform the security checks.

www.flygeorgiaskies.com would be an example of this. Its a charter airline, that has regional regularly scheduled flights for hire. They have to use TSA security.

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