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Christmas Craziness


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On  11/28 I ordered two certified pre-owned NOOKs (an Electronic Book Reader) from Barnes & Noble for Christmas presents. On the 29th I got an e-mail saying my order was canceled do to non-availability, on the 30th I called to confirm this and the get them to remove the hold on the funds in my account.

Today I get an email saying they have been shipped so I call again and they are suppose to be here tomorrow, problem is we had already bought 2 brand new ones from the local Barnes & Noble at $50 more apiece.

So I guess when the ones arrive tomorrow we'll look them over good and then return the 2 new ones to the store.

Shame I can't make them pay for my wasted time on the phone and the trip to the store.

Bah Humbug!

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I got an iPad....I can use Amazon Kindle books, google books, Zineo magazines, iBooks, etc. Sure it costs more, but its way beyond just a ereader.

Best Buy also has the Cruz tablets that use Android if you prefer that system, and Office Depot has the ViewSonic that uses Android too.

The Kindle, Sony Reader, illumnati, and the Kook are just too limited in my opinion.

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