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Lunch with my RWS DIANA 6G


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I decided to spend Friday lunch hour plinking with my old pellet pistol. It's a very fine pistol ans competitively accurate. I took a 20oz coke bottle and threw is far as I could in to the woods. It went suprisingly far and managed to roll down a slight grade for a few extra feet.

I loaded the gun took the first shot and nailed the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised having not shot a handgun since last fall and having not shot the RWS in over 15 years.  Repeated the process a few more times hitting the bottle every time. I decided to move the bottle back another 10 feet and stick the neck in a hole in a dead tree. I walked back and proceded to shoot again. First shot I miss and hear the pellet smack a tree in the woods. I shoot again and miss, and again, and again, and again wtf. Then it occurs to me im not hearing the pellet hit anything. Sure enough a pellet never made it out of the barrel and a managed to stack a few more behind it.  :-[

So now i need to address that. The gun NEVER did anything like this before.

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My concern is the cause as Microgunner pointed out. I just checked RWS is now Umarex. Theres nothing even closely resembling my pistol on the site. Mine is also the  "Match" model. Theres not a picture on the web. They must have sold two of them  ;D

It's the 6G Match, Left Handed

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