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Claude Choules last WWI vet all countries


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the REALLY cool thing is he took the bastards for 55 YEARS of retirement money..... >:D

The "BASTARDS" are gone for a long time now...... My generation, growing up in Germany today, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the 2 big wars. Just as a reminder.............

Every German my age will agree on one side, that money had to be paid for the damage caused in the 2 wars. But - when will that be done? When will people understand that Germans today are NOT connected to the "Reich" or "Nazi-Germany"?

I was asked by a Canadian teenager a few month ago if I really hate jews........ well, where did she learn that?

Back to the topic, I have deepest respect for men like Claude Choules, another victim of a time we just can't imagine to live in. My dad told me stories about him, fighting at the Eastern Front when he just turned 16.....

A miracle that he survived - and a victim of the war as well, he screamed in his sleep 40 years later. And that with a German passport!

Just as a thought....


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It amazes me people who were not involved in wars can seem to be the ones who harbor the longest lasting animosity. Germany today is not that Germany anyone who has ever been there can plainly see it. I lived there in the mid 60s for 3 years and then again in the late 70s.

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Jan you misread my post. When I used the term ''the bastards'' I was refering to his own government pension payers. The Germans never once crossed my mind. I was putting forth a common outlook here in the States of the Government quick to tax and slow to pay benefits.....seeing someone actually draw 55 years of retirement benefits made MY day....I hope there are no bad feelings- that certainly was NOT my intention. :grin:

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I did misread your post there........ thanks for clarifying!

No - no bad feelings.... and I am not a history-teacher just because I was born in Germany!  ;D

We are just tired of being blamed for things which happened 3 generations ago.... that's why I

sometimes over-react when I hear or read things - or I misread them.

My apologies for that!


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