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Missed the GSG 1911 again

Michigan Joe

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My dealer has the gsg and the sig.

They are in fact the exact same gun, the only difference is the sig has some sweet grips on it. I really want the sig version....might go buy it next week.

Keep looking you will find one....check your local pawn shops. Many of them sell new guns too, and you might find one quicker than the gun store.

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You know, I hate to point this out, but considering the "vig" applied to the latest .22LR semi-auto handguns, one is forced periodically to "step back and re-evaluate."

While perusing the California DOJ list of "approved handguns" for sale I discovered the Phoenix Arms model HP-22A which is a zinc alloy with steel insert (just like all the HIGH dollar .22's these days) 20 oz., 3" barrel, 10 shot .22LR auto with an online price as low as $111.  So then I went to "the reviews" on YouTube and discovered these "cheap" guns have an amazing reliability rate out of the box...for just over a hundred bucks!

Of course here in the PRK we won't find it for that, but it can still be had for under $200 "out the door" which ain't bad for a pocket pistol .22LR than has more positive reviews on YouTube than all the "name brands"!!!

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