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So... ...fill me in on the Mosquito.

Old Salt

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I like mine. I got the threaded version for mounting a suppressor. The gun works great as long as you

1. Strip it down when you get it and clean it throughly

2. Lube it good with gun oil

3. Keep the barrel tight.

The finish will wear a little, but then again...all the sigs do.

Its a fun gun.

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I have a Sig Mosquito and like it. Except for the DA trigger pull, which is quite long and heavy. The pistol is near full size, controls are logically situated and easy to operate. Mine did fail to chamber often until I polished the feed ramp. (Seen that on some center fire pistols) It also comes with three different front sights to adjust point of impact, and a second recoil spring which can be substituted for ammo variations. (high vs standard velocity) It only comes with one mag, which sucks. New ones are $25 to $35 and getting easier to find. It is fun to shoot and fairly accurate. Also has a rail for lights/lasers, ect. All in all, with a little tuning, a fine training weapon, which is why I bought mine.


PS-Recently found a paper in the case behind the foam that detailed a lubrication point that evidently was missed in the manual.

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Great! You will like it, I think. Before you take it to the range, there is a small hole on the right side of the slide, behind the extractor. Put a drop of gun oil in there and rack the slide several times. Also, here is a LINK to everything you ever wanted to know about really taking it apart.



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Had a very successful day yesterday.

The "Skeeter" performed absolutely flawless with the CCI MiniMags, but did not like the Winchester 333s. I did not try changing the spring because I prefer MiniMags anyway, and the M&P 15-22 ate the Winchesters up without a hiccup.

Was not really doing any formal paper shooting, but accuracy on the targets were right on. In short...  ..she's a keeper!  :thumb:

techmike, thanks for the link. Invaluable!


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