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Hello from Australia and a Quick Question


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Hello from down under - The land with the toughest gun laws >:(

I was just wondering if anybody was aware of any .22 tactical carbine conversion kits (Military style) to suit bolt action repeaters? (We are not allowed semi auto rifles in Australia).

I am an avid .22 target shooter and would like to expand my shooting style to include tactical discipline. I have researched strongly but cannot find any info in Australia? Hope someone can help. Cheers. Gazza.

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Thanks guys for your quick response and help. Thanks asmurff for your suggestion to look at Boyd's Stocks. I purchased one of their stocks today. It will give me as close as I can get to what I want. Unfortunately we don't legally have access to the fantastic .22 M4, M16 and other military style clones and kits that you guys do. Even Airsoft of any kind and display (inert) copy's of anything automatic (Military) is banned. This is all thanks to a guy called Martin Bryant who gunned down 56 people, killing 35 and wounding 21 at a place called Port Arthur down in Tasmania in 1996. Our politicians had a field day. There is very little hope of us ever being able to own semi-auto rifles again (semi-auto pistols are O.K? Go figure??). I hope this answers Michigan Joe's question. I will post a pic of my new rifle once I have built it.

Thanks again and cheers

P.S. Great forum.

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