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appleseed rifle?

tony stark

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i have an interest in the appleseed project. i tried using a sig 522. after shooting it with a sling, i found that the barrel will flex and change the point of impact. change so much to make it worthless for this kind of shooting. if this (sr22) rifle's barrel is free floated it could be just the thing that i am looking for. any idea as to whether it is free floated?

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no the sr22's barrel is not free floated. there is a part they are calling a barrel support. it is held in place by the sling swivel stud. internet research says that the rifle can be fired with the support removed, free floating the barrel. just thought someone might want to know.

the receivers are now made out of plastic. do the aftermarket trigger fit tthe new type?

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embarrassingly I don't even know what an Appleseed rifle is  :-[

Drew, you need to get to an Appleseed shoot.  Here's what's coming up for CT.

Note, you can't attend the first one listed, in July - that's for the Ladies.  I mean, you can go, but you won't be able to shoot or train.  If you can't shoot, they might think you're just there checkin' out the Ladies...  :o ;D

Hit up one of these, brother.  Do it for me, man...  :beer:



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A great 10/22 setup for an Appleseed:  Auto bolt release (bought or modded stock piece), Tech Sights, no barrel band, some kind of lighter trigger (the stock trigger will affect you more than you realize), and an adjustable sling.

My favorite parts to use, that don't break the bank:  VTAC Mk1 sling, Power Custom hammer and sear kit (greatly improves the trigger pull - immense difference), either set of Tech Sights (TSR-100 or TSR-200), removing the barrel band is free, and good, known mags.  The Ruger rotaries work wonderfully during an Appleseed.

This one below was a mint 1978 10/22 carbine, bone stock.  I didn't want to tear it all up, so some of the stock parts were removed.  I left the original stock, receiver, bolt, and trigger housing.  I added a complete Power Custom Grand Master action kit, took the original barrel off and replaced it with a 2007 barrel that I had, added the TSR-200 Tech Sights (with a very skinny KNS Precision AR-type front sight post), and the VTAC Mk1 sling. Shoots great, and it's an awesome Appleseed rifle.  :thumb:


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