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birthday pistol


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Here is my new Uberti .44 Dragoon from my bride. Bought it last June, she's had title. I found the Uberti .22 Rolling Block last Christmas and jumped it in front of this one. I bought a Uberti Walker Colt .44 in Salt Lake City last week, I'll get it this Christmas.  I added the 1911 for scale. This Dragoon weighs 4.1 pounds.... :grin: I ordered a new Kirst Konverter gated cylinder today, I'll be shooting .45 Colt cartridges soon... :grin:



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I went to Cabela's in Phoenix yesterday and looked very closely at a Pietta Model 1851 Confederate Navy .44 Caliber Revolver. But decided against it, since I've never fired black powder revolvers before, only a few flintlock rifles back when I still had hair. Is this something I should have a mentor for or can I safely teach myself?

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I dont shoot black powder...mainly because of the hazards associated with it.

Just bear in mind that with a black powder revolver, you can have flash over from the gap between the barrel and cylinder. It can ignite the other cylinders....which can make it blow up.

Most of the black powder shooters I know use vaseline to cover the powder charge in the other cylinders to prevent this from happening. Its one of those little things that an inexperienced black powder shooter might not know.

There are many more safety items like this that you will need to learn from other black powder shooters before you attempt to shoot it. I'd find someone locally to help you out.

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Smurff careful is the word. I'm converting my pistols to .45 Colt cartridges loaded down to SASS specs. I received my Dragoon conversion cylinder today. I have to cut a loading port in the right recoil shield and fit the cylinder. Will post my progress.

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