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After years of recommending various brands and types of ammunition, we decided to do things right and create our own optimized round for suppressor useage. Putting together a heavier bullet, a cleaner powder, a premium lube on the lead round nose projectile gave us consistent velocities and harder hitting performance at subsonic, suppressor-friendly speed. The 42 grain lead round nose bullet is heavier than traditionally available rounds, but isn't so heavy as to cause instability. A designed velocity of 1020 feet per second ensures the heavier projectile remains subsonic speed in most all firearms without resorting to anemic velocities  Sold in bricks of 500 or 5,000 round cases, the GEMTECH SILENCER SUBSONIC .22lr ammunition is subpackaged in 50 rd tray boxes to keep bullet noses from any accuracy-robbing damage during transit.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices and quantity discounts shown are per 50rd box.

One Brick = 10 boxes

One Case = 100 boxes


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The numbers on this ammo look good on the front end.  The bullet weight - velocity is better than all other subsonic loads except for the Aguila SSS 60 grain, yet this ammo looks like it will feed in situations where the SSS ammo will not.

The suggested retail price of $45/500 isn't bad either - quite comparable to other brands.  That said, this ammo seems worth buying a test brick or two to see how it functions through a suppressor.

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