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Coolest little Tactical 22 I've seen in awhile


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My customer picked up the rifle a few minutes ago. He brought with him a NcStar MARK III 1.25x-4x quick release scope he bought for it on line. Fit the style of the rifle perfectly and focused down to 6'.

What a nice light handy affordable rig this turned out to be. I hope it all works well for him.

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I hear ya Asmurff. I'm a lefty and have never shot a left handed weapon yet. I think I might miss the sight of shell casings ejecting in front of my face... ;D

I'm not a fan of the flying brass thing, I have a mark over my right collar bone where a piece of hot 5.56mm brass went inside shirt and seared my skin royally. I have a rightie .22 bolt-action I shoot off of a bi-pod, but to shoot off hand standing is a hassle and borderline unsafe so I don't do it. I can deal with semi-autos, and pistols made for righties, but would really like to have a good left handed .22 bolt-action.

To answer my own question Savage does make the Mk II in a left hand version. $240 according to their site.

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