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I just picked up a m&p 22


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I can see were theres some simalarity between the walther and the m&p but if youve been waiting for a fullsize 22 hand gun this could be what your looking for my wife hasnt let me have much time with it since its family time with christmas and all but hope fully by tuesday ill get to sneek off to the range  but at least its not a shrunk version of my real m&ps

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Just picked this up too - on it's way to my FFL right now. I like the P22(my buddy owns one), but it felt small in my hands so I am eager to try this out. Built by Walther but curious to see if it has any of the issues the P22 seems to exhibit. Seemed like a nice compliment to my S&W 15-22 and at 335 shipped I was all over it.

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Yea was cold here in NH this weekend but we took it out to the pit and put about 250 rounds through it. Initial impressions were excellent - CCI Minimag, CCI Stingers, Federal Bulk all went through with no issues. The added weight, full size frame, and excellent trigger made for much more predictable, accurate, and repeated shots versus the Walther P22. The only drawback so far is the single mag - took longer than we would have liked with the reloading.

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