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Dusty Checking In


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I am a 308AR guy.  My rifle and my primary interest.  I also shoot a 10/22 that has had a lot done to it.  Some BlackPowder.  I reload some cartridges--  you know,  reload so there is something (new ??) to shoot,  shoot so there is brass to reload?  Next project is a 9 MM pistol,  then maybe a M-15 piston rifle?  The M-15/AR 5.56 will probably also get a conversion unit of some kind for 22LR.  I will try to contribute things that might be relevant to the thread and the forum.

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Hello friends, My name is Chris but folks call me Fremy. I am  new to the forum here & just wanted to say my hello's. I just got my 2nd gen, GSG-522 SD model two weeks ago & I LOVE it! Been shooting since I was a kid with my older brother who died a few years back & now, the interest in rifle plinkin' & target shoots has come back to me like an old friend. My wife & I have put at least 1000 rds. of CCI mini-mags through the GSG and she eats 'em up! Did my first mod on the charging bolt buffer (thanks to reading about the mod here) & look forward to my next ones to keep her runnin' clean for years to come! Thanks All! :grin:

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