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Bought M16 SPR - issue?


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Just got my new rifle..very cool. ...a question..

Will the trigger engage with the clip in and no ammo?  I have pulled back and released the "cocking" mechanism and tried to pull the trigger and it wont pull.  The gun is on fire and the mag is in. Is this normal? I will say that when I remove the pin and separate the top from the bottom, the trigger will the pull and fire. I think there is an issue with the weapon as I have seen on youtube others pull a new one right out of the box, pull the cock back and fire(click)..just wondering if I am doing something wrong..before I take it back.

Thanks in advance.

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To be more clear..I pull the charging handle back..release it and is springs forward. I try to pull the trigger and it will not fire.  When I open the gun up by removing the pin..it will fire.  Does this clairfiy my issue or am I still doing something wrong.  I guess I am getting at the the gun will not "dry" fire"..is that normal?

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Ahhh. If you read the instruction manual, it specifies loosening the flash hider before removing the rear pin to open the gun. The reason: The Colt only looks like an AR. The flash hider is threaded to the barrel, but the actual barrel is a steel insert inside the barrel shroud. When it is tight, the flash hider pulls the guts of the gun into alignment. If you look at the exploded view in your manual, or HERE, you can see how it all connects together. When you loosen the flash hider to break open the gun, and then re-tighten it, try to tighten it consistently every time, and you will have more consistent accuracy.  I put a dimple on mine with a center punch to get it back in the same spot every time.

Hope that helps.

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