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Accuracy of 22LR Ammo


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In big bore shooting one of the prime items is mention of group size.  In all the 22LR forums  where I have poked around,  all comment is about rated velocity or subjective statements about how some particular brand offering is "very accurate,"  "good accuracy," etc.

What I am asking is for something definitive.  Attached is a photo (iPhone,  re-sized some)  that shows the groups I got one day.  I have tried to identify the specific ammo used so that anyone could find it on a store shelf.  The holes in the paper speak for themselves.  The target is laid out with one inch circles for the bullseye;  a one-inch grid overlay;  the added orange target dots measure one inch.  50 yards at a public shooting range.

We all know that each rifle has its own quirks and likes and dislikes.  My target shows some of this.  I was shooting a 10/22 carbine that has been subjected to some attempt to improve its accuracy;  4x Bushnell scope that came in a bubble pak.  I was seated at a bench with my left elbow perched on sandbags;  otherwise the rifle was fully supported by my hands and arms.  It was not an attempt for maximum critical results but rather each time the crosshairs in the scope jiggled across the orange dot I yanked the trigger.  I considered that if I were shooting squirrels or tin cans and had a tree or branch or anything for a bit of extra stability I could shoot with about the same level of consistency.

It would appear that my rifle does best with ammo rated very close to 1300 FPS.  What has been your experience?  Please try to be as definitive as you can manage?


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Good groups for your equipment.... The guys that put out the big bucks on their rifles and sights will print groups that size at 200yds. Then again I couldn't see spending two grand on a rifle to carry around in the woods where it could get scratched up either. Minute of squirrel  is what most hunters are concerned with more so than minute of angle. Knowing your abilities to make that shot count is the big bonus here. I like making head shots on doves, but they have to be at close range to do that with a 22 ... eer at least my 22.

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Nice shooting! There are so many factors involved in accuracy that definitive statements are pretty difficult to produce. I shoot mostly Federal bulk in my Colt M4. At 50 yards it is usually minute-of-chipmunk with that ammo. But the 36 grain bullet drops out of "hyperspace" at about 75 yards, is then sub sonic & starts to drift. So at 100 yds, Federal bulk is not so hot-in that rifle... But in my olympic trainer bolt action single shot rifle the Federal bulk works quite well at 100 yds.  :confused: JMO

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Great shooting....I don't get to squirrel hunt but once or twice a year, but I love it..Even better with a good Blue Tick treeing for ya...

The rest of the time the only thing I got to A/B with is at the indoor range with a max of only 25 yards..Hardly a test at all at that range...Unless I lose my glasses.. ;D

Thanks once again..I'll take a brick of those Winchesters with me next time I head out.

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The Wildcat ammo I used was a brick.  The others are packaged in plastic boxes,  100 rounds,  each cartridge in its own little hole egg-crate style and cost a lot more than a brick.

I will try to shoot some more and try to do better benchrest shooting for a more definitive result.  Might even use the original rotary magazine instead of a banana clip so the rifle can nestle into the sandbags.  The object is to try to see what this cartridge is capable of and not really what the shooter can do.  Use of a good shooting rest or mechanical rifle holder would be good but I do not have one of those.

I bought some Aguila 60 gr subsonic to try next time.  Interesting stuff.  All bullet with a 22 Short case (?).  Would be interesting to know what powder is used.  Exposed bullet seems to be completely coated with some kind of lube.  That's good.

Would love to see some more photos of targets with details of ammo and rifle or handgun.  Lock that sucker in a rest or on  sandbags and post the picture of the target.  Picture of the gun and set-up would be good,  too.  I am very interested in what an M-15 with 22LR adapter does and what a dedicated 22LR upper and a full-tactical 22LR rifle does.  Don't be shy.  We all actually would get the same results if we were shooting the same rifle in the same place.  If you don't have a prime store-bought target,  just make one from a sheet of printer paper.  A stick-on aim point is great but a splot of paint or ink or patch of colored paper will do.  If you want sex,  paste the printer paper to a cereal box cardboard backing.  I said glue but clear package wrapping tape is prime stuff.  All that matters is the holes in the target with a good dimension measure like a good ruler across the image or draw a one-inch or 25 MM grid for reference.  Tell what it all is--  ammo and dimensioning--  if not self explanatory. 

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