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Composite AR lowers?


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I went to the gun show this morning, and saw something new to me - a composite AR lower. Anyone have any experience or comments on these? Seemed well made, it won't show wear or scratches like an aluminum one would, and the price was right, $160 for a complete assembled lower with buffer & stock.



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I have spent a lot of time with a Bushmaster Carbon 15. It's a good rifle. Feels odd at first and I can see purists being turned off. Not sure how they would hold up in the battlefield. While composites can be made to equal or out perform their metalic counterparts the cost would exceed the aluminium.

I think in the hands of a casual shooter it would last a life time.

That said under a normal supply and demand circumstances you should be able the find a traditional receiver set on sale (Palmetto State Armory) for only slightly more

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I own a Plum Crazy polymer lower and its been 100%.  I really have not one complaint however I would not trust my life to it.  The entire lower is polymer the FCG the takedown pins all of it.  The only thing that is not polymer is the buffer tube.  I have thought about taking it apart and using a PSA lower parts kit but for now it just collects dust.  I paid $130 shipped plus a $15 FFL fee.  Down the road I might just get a 22lr upper for it or maybe a 5.45 upper not sure.

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