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Savage Mark II FV-SR


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The Savage Mark II FV-SR .22LR bolt action.  I had been looking for one of these for months. I already have three different 10/22s, and wanted to build something different, and that little rifle fit the bill perfectly.

It has the 16.5" fluted heavy barrel, threaded end with thread protector, larger bolt knob, and a full length top rail over the receiver.  As it is shipped, it comes with a very lightweight, rather cheap feeling polymer stock.  Boyd's Stocks offers the Tacticool stock for the Savage Mark II and 93 models, so that was the direction to take.

I couldn't find any online dealers with this in stock, and I tried my local dealer.  He looked it up, and none of his distributors had it, either.  I wanted to give him the business, but he's actually cool enough to advise me just to get it if I can find it, and just transfer it to him.  If I waited for him to get it in stock, the way everything is right now, then I might not ever get it.  Find it and ship it to him.

Luckily, about 2 weeks after that conversation, I found it on Bud's for $259.  I was going to walk with it from my dealer for $230 OTD, but that was if it showed with his distributors.  I wasn't really happy about going higher, but it was in stock, so I grabbed it.  I ordered it on a Friday night, and by the following Sunday night they were out of stock at Bud's again.  I think they came back in stock after that, but at $269...

As soon as I ordered it, I ordered the Tacticool from Boyd's.  It was listed as backordered, but shipping in 2-3 weeks - it shipped one week later.  Ordered the Nikon 3-9x40 with 150 BDC, and put that in a set of Warne Maxima steel low rings, with QD clamps (great rings, by the way). 

On the "stock" stock, the trigger guard is integrated, and the bottom metal is very thin.  Bottom metal and trigger guard for the new Tacticool stock came from DIP, and it is very nice.  At the time, they had the black phosphate bottom metal in stock, but only the silver trigger guard.  Since I was painting it anyway, I got the silver, and didn't wait for the black to come back in stock.

In the span of one full week, the rifle was here, stock was shipped, and all over parts were on-hand.  The paint was from Aervoe, and the stock got the "sponge-camo" treatment.  All other parts got a solid color. 

This little moster shoots fantastically.  I've got a few targets to post up, and that'll get done sometime today - last weeks "last 10 round mag" was great, at 50 yards.  I'll have that up later.

Here's the pics...

As it ships, and as it is delivered - only comes with one 5-rd magazine:


After paint on the stock, but hardware not painted yet:




Hardware finished:


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Got a chance to handle one of these we ordered for a customer.

I liked it and began lusting, although I haven't purchased one for myself, yet.

Once I get the target pics up, you'll like it even more.  :thumb:  It's shooting well, very well.  I've got a couple small boxes of FGGM .22LR that I'll put through it today, but I've mostly been shooting Winchester M-22 - I'm quite happy with that ammo in this one. 

Here's the finished rifle, full paint, out in the wild:



From finding the rifle in stock and ordering, to the finished final version, this project went about 3 weeks total.  I went through this one fast...  :o

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Outstanding work on the camo and parts config 98Z5V ... that rifle is SETUP and is SCREAMING for a can out front! I just finished my CZ452 and am now also hunting for the Mark II TRR-SR TB for my next project. In the meantime I just ordered a Boyds Tacticool for my CZ ... just couldn't leave it alone!  ::)

~A Fellow Drew Enabler

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Thanks, man - this rifle is truly one of most favorite, all around rifles.  The little beast is a blast to shoot.  :beer:

Here is the final 10-rd magazine from last weekend.  A true 50 yards, shooting Winchester M-22.  This stuff work well through this rifle.


I have today's targets, still in the truck, so I'll dig them out and get them up, too.  I put a full 10-rd mag out at 100 yards, with Federal Premium HV Match.  I am not impressed with that ammo, through this rifle.  I did the same thing at 50 yards, and same results - this rifle shoots the Winchester M-22 better than it shoot Fed Premium HV Match.  I should have put a few mags of CCI Mini-Mag and CCI Blazer through it, but I ran out of range time.  I'll get that done next weekend.

Gratuitous pic of the Tacti-Cat, doing what he does best:


Yes, it's true - even my furniture is FDE...  :confused: :o ;D

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