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post those .22 handguns photo thread


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Mine always has been, but not very fast on acquiring a sight picture, so I replaced the rear sight with a Tactical solutions which can also be used to mount a reflex sight or scope. I swapped out the front for a fiber optic one don't remember the brand brand. My times have gotten better in our Tactical rimfire matches with this set-up.

My only complaint ever about the pistol is the magazine release button is very stiff even after 11 years. Not go for rapid mag changes in competition.

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Buckmarks are very accurate. I taught my wife to shoot with one and she hit bullseye every shot. Very good guns, lesson #2 keep wife happy, she can kill me now lol.

I was given this by my dad a few days ago. It is a .22 Hi-Standard Duramatic M-101 built in 1955. It was my grandpa's gun and dad thought I should have it. Still had the original box and holster with it too.


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Thanks guys. Yes the Hi-Standard is in very good shape and still operational, fires like a champ. Also had an extra mag still in the original red/maroon Hi-Standard box it came in. My grandpa and my dad both were religious about taking care of firearms, I blame it on their military service and coming out of the dust bowl/depression era Oklahoma. That religion of taking care of firearms was passed on to me.

As for value these old Duramatic Hi-Standards average between $300 to $500 depending on condition, market, buyers, etc. etc. This one won't be going up for sale though. Considering it cost about $37 when grandpa bought it brand new, i'd say we got his moneys worth. My dad has the brother/cousin to this one with the 6" barrell same M-101 Duramatic model. So someday i'll have two of these.


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