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Hello from midcoast Maine, USA

Shepherd Jim

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Hey All!

I'm on a voyage of discovery! I had it in the back of my head since the late 60's that I need to mess around with a Colt 1911.  I'd had the chance to shoot one (3 shots only) in 1969. And then, over the years, I saw folks shooting at steel plates and that looked like a LOT of FUN! Anyway, children, family, jobs and, most recently (the past 20 years) self-employment as a woodturner and shepherd/farmer managed to reduce my spare time to almost zero. I did manage to get in a decade or so of blackpowder muzzleloading and historical re-enacting back in the 80's.

Anyway, recently I went wild and bought myself a 45 cal Sig 1911, re-joined the NRA and became a member of the local gun club.

You're all aware of the natural progression that took me from a 45 ACP 1911 to the .22LR Sig pistol. ...and so here I am!

I've applied for my CCW permit and am currently right in the middle of an "Intermediate Pistol Personal Defense" class. I'm really lucky to have a neighbor right behind me who is an FFL with a small gunshop and indoor range.

An old dog can learn new tricks! ...and I am having SO MUCH FUN!


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