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It's Started, Cost of High Capacity Mags have nearly doubled


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Well, it didn't take long for the "cause and effect" to happen. Last week, I ordered three 30 round mags from HKParts.net at $29.95 per unit. I received them the other day. TODAY, I went onto HKParts.net and the same magazines I ordered last week for $29.95 are now, get this, $49.95 per magazine. They went up $20 per unit.

Everyone is seeing the handwriting on the wall. The only question is how "bad" will it get. Will ALL "Assault Weapons" be banned from sale? Will high capacity mags be banned as well? Or will they tax the hell out of them? What about those of us who have purchased "assault weapons"? Will they become illegal thereby making our enjoyment of them useless?



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We just got too much damn freedom in this country. We need a lot of it taken away...(Tounge firmly in cheeck)..

Interesting tidbid I heard yesterday. Some of the Anti-Gun Nuts are putting together legislation which will require gunowners to pay a yearly registration fee on their guns, just like a yearly registration for your car. Now is the time to stand strong and protect your freedoms.

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I got an order in for 10-30 rounders, aluminum ones, for 9.99 ea (on sale) just before the crap hit the air movement device. Normally, I only buy Tapco mags, but I could only back order 2 at a time. Ammo seems to be coming back in stock - just ordered 1k of Wolf.223  from AmmoMan. He was out of stock yesterday. Now to see how soon CCI can restock small pistol and rifle primers.....

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Based on all of the message traffic on the internet about assault weapon bans, magazine bans, etc, and the rumors that Dick's Sporting Goods allegedly pulled all of their AR-15's and similar long guns AND ACCESSORIES off the shelf, I walked into the Dick's Sporting Goods store in Aurora (Arapahoe Road and Parker Road for those of you who live in the Denver Area) and yep, it's TRUE. No magazines, no tactical gear as in bipods, rail guards, etc, and NO AR-15's or similar weapons. Asked the clerk about it and he said they no longer sell these types of weapons or their accessories. Asked the clerk if they were still selling .223 Remington. He said "yes, but I don't HAVE any." They're out of .223, .308, AND .22 LR.

Went into Gander Mountain in Aurora, next. THEY still sell AR's. They simply don't HAVE any. Very little in .223, NO .308, and slim pickings in .22LR ammo. NO CCI Stinger. NO CCI Velocitor. NO CCI AR .22lr. Talked to "Joe" the manager and folks standing in line to purchase what's left which isn't much. One guy sporting a T Shirt that had the Soviet Star above "The People's Republic of Boulder", said "something's fixin' to go down, what, I don't know, but it's comin'." Ya think?

It's interesting to see that the general population's reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Clackamas County Mall, Century 16 Theater, Virginia Tech, and Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings, is to run out and buy the very weapons the MSM is decrying as being "destructive" and "evil". Wayne La Pierre said it best: "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun".

Price of .223 here in Colorado is a buck a bullet. Supply and demand.

.22 LR is going up as well. You can't BUY .308 for it isn't available. Sold out here in the Denver area.

Happy New Year's one and all! Keep your powder dry.  :grin: (oops, EVIL emoticon, don't you know?)


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All of the major firearms manufacturers were behind in production capacity anyway.  Ruger stopped taking orders months ago.  The local SIG rep told me they are 2 years behind fullfilling orders and have stopped taking them.  S&W, Colt etc are all backlogged.

Locally ammo is flying off the shelves.  I am glad I ordered a good supply and got it before Thanksgiving.

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