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Hello I am new to the site. I just found this forum from someone on another .22 forum. I had a S&W M&P 15-22 last year and sold it to fund another gun purchase. And boy oh boy do I miss that gun. But just yesterday I figured I would get another AR 22 and I picked up the Colt M4 .22. I just hope it is as good as the M&P. I also have a Bolt action Marlin 925 and a Ruger SR22p along with many other caliber pistols, shot guns and rifles. I love shooting the .22s with my son. I really hope I to find some interesting topics and help for the M4 as far as up grades and what can and can not be put on the it.

Are there any other people from Oakland County are in Mi. If so hit me up. :beer:

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It is in the very front of my gun safe, and get's more range time than all the rest. Arguably my favorite shooter. I am not fond of the recommended cleaning procedure, I think it is very inadequate, and the spring that makes the bolt stay open after the last round is prone to loss and/or damage - if you take the rifle apart to do a thorough cleaning. Other than that, it has been a gem. 

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