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It didn't happen conspiracy - Liberal Anti Gun Tactic?


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Do I think the state would lie about the facts? You bet, but what if all this conspiracy shit is in fact more of the liberal master plan to make gun owners appear crazy and paranoid to non-gun owners and lawmakers. Many are living up to the “Gun Nut”  moniker.

Judging by my inbox it’s being bought hook line and sinker. This may be the REAL conspiracy.

Food for thought

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And the media seems to find the less articulate, emotionitive to interview. If you are articulate and can lie, you can be Hillary, or Sharpton. It will be interesting to see the congressional judicial meetings next week when Wayne LaPierre and Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords husband) both testify next week. I would presume Wayne will be highly articulate, non emotional, and that the Anti-Gun nuts (Who are just as crazy as some of the extremists on the pro-gun side.That's why they're called extremists) will be on him like a pack of dogs. And what will be more maddening for the left will be Mr. Lapierres unflappable poise.

The NRA and it's leadership is outfront representing it's members and are doing one hell of a job IMHO.

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I'm assuming it is the Senate judiciary committee, which is loaded with every anti-gun extremist the liberals have in their ranks.  I don't know if it will do any good or not but I emailed all of the committee members demanding LaPierre be listened to with an open mind..

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The Chairman of that committee is (D) Patrick Leahy.  Although he is a liberal demonazi he is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  Many (D) senators and reps are from pro-gun states and they have to run for reelection at midterm.

This really gives the pro-gun side an advatange.  Here in OK when a tornado comes thru the media finds the ignorant/dolt/one toothed wonder to speak on camera.  It is there venue.  They get to pick the actors.  It is stupid to complain about it as it is the way it is.

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