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Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard - Help Me Please!

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I ordered an aluminum Magpul Trigger Guard for my 416.  Just assuming that the set-up would be the same, I find that's not the case.  My rifle sits right now with the original trigger guard off and the the 416 on the counter.

First, it doesn't line up, so I should either order a plastic one, because a dremel tool/file is needed to take off some on the rear for it to line up.  If I continue with the aluminum, I have flat black paint to cover up the area.

Second, there is a gap between the guard and the gun's posts ( whatever they call the area around the pin holes), so I would need to find something like washers, i.e. to fill the gap.

Third, the holes themselves are larger, so the hex screw is too small to fit.

I really want to remove the (white painted warning trigger guard) and replace it, but is it worth it?  Just put the old guard back on and call it a day?

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

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Hey imschur, I wish I would have thought to do that, but I took the path of least resistance and put it back together.  I looked for washers to take up the gap, decided to remove the grip and cut a grove in the back of it.  In the end I took the easy way out.

Microgunner, I'll check that out.  It seems that Walther/Umarex doesn't want anyone meshing with their stuff.

Thanks Guys!

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Hello, There are a couple things that make the aluminum guard a little difficult to make work. Yes the holes dont line up just right and the front of the guard extends slightly into the mag well and needs to be ground down. The plastic ones works great and are

much easier to make fit.



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The Strike Ind. trigger guard arrived today and it will fit with some filing. The trigger guard on the 416 is apparently wider that on the standard AR lover so there will need to be a spacer to fill in the gap. I will try to find something that works.

And does anyone have a link to Umerex parts that might work on the 416?

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AS MG said above, most Airsoft accessories will fit the Umarex models of .22lr rifles. Some AR parts will, but most do not without mods or fitting - for instance: AR15 pistol grips will fit, but you have to drill a second hole for the hammer strut to go through. On the Colt M4 Ops model, airsoft hand guards fit, AR15 hand guards won't. If you think of the Colt/HK .22 rifles as having been built on an airsoft receiver, then covered up to make it look like an AR, that kinda works. We have a member that did some remarkable work with a Colt and airsoft parts. Have to look back and find his posts.

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