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Struck out again...


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Well another Saturday has come and gone, and another couple of hours wasted chasing ammo.

Made this same trip (2 Academy's and 2 Wal Marts) the last month. Besides the 100 rounds of 45 ACP I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Nothing. Academy is putting all their ammo at the customer service counter in the front of the store. They had about 10, 50 round boxes of 22LR that they were selling at $3.00 a box. And Tula at that.  :o

Wally World is a ghost town.

I'm glad I've got a pretty good stockpile, but not enough where I feel good enough to get back into my 1000 rd or so every couple of week habit. Could sustain it for a while, but leary about shooting paper. Have been shooting skeet. 12 guage seems to in abundance and prices are the same.  The pistol  range has been calling me, but so far I resist the call  ;D

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This Ammo hunt thing has a secondary effect...Go in the gun shop looking for ammo...No ammo today the people say...but then you end up looking at other stuff...dang impulse buys.

So while looking for ammo this week, got that 100 rounds of 9mm, for 30.00

but spent almost a additional 200.00 on a bore snake, a Bi pod for my Stevens 62 (can use it on the S&W 15-22 also) and a Adjustable Pistol Grip stock for my Mossberg 500

Dang impulse buys...lol

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