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lee enfield nearly finished


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Well  my lee enfield has its new scope on, its a swfa 10x42 super sniper in mil/mil. I had to chop 3 inches off the barrel it now has a 22 inch barrel and i hired a  recrowning tool andbgavenit a perfect 11degree target crown as it had marks down the bore from before i brought it. All i have to do now is paint the barrel and the receiver and barrel at some point when the weather gets better.


The reticle of my new scope



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Hey Doug, where did you get the scope, and what did it run?

I got the scope from www.swfa.com i got the 10x42 super sniper mil/mil they alsobdo a 12x 16x and 20x in mil/mil but they also do the same in moa but the mao have normal mildot retical. The scope cost $299 i also got the sunshade and butler creek flip up caps with my order


Damn Dougie! That's a fine looking SMLE.

Thank you guys .mg its a No4 Mk1  ;D

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