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We are good for another year


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This is the beginning of the spring slow down. Traffic drops substantially until end of June. The unkown is we had record traffic while everyone was panicked and now everyone has what the want, has it on order or has given it up. There will be a vacuum from that.

I have been pondering turning this into a more general .22 forum with a new name. Heck tactical22.com has gone belly up

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We actually get a lot of traffic due to the main site. Something like 5000 visits per day. There is another .22 tactical site their visits are under 200 per day. I think the buyers of these guns are chatty when they first purchase them then as the gun becomes old news so does participation.

Besides as longs as you guys keep coming Im happy.

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I was thinking that we should get into the postal match thing. Set up a postal match for different categories of tac .22 rifles, winner gets a tac .22 patch or something... Might get some traffic during the slowdown. Of course, a moot point if most folk don't have any ammo.

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Interesting idea.

here's the thing, Ill post this a bit premature. For 2013 I was planning on reaching out to folks at this and a few of my other sites. I simply cannot do everything everywhere. As companies are tightening there belts and tax laws are changing we keep losing funding. Right now we have a lot of eggs in the Brownells basket. That needs to change. Also with the new laws here in CT my ability to generate new and unique content is now severely limited. how do I write about things i can no longer purchase or own.

So I need help from you guys and folks we have not met. That will free me up to grow my non firearms related endeavors to diversify where the money comes from. By switching to different software members can generate content for the main site as well as participate on the forum. No additional software needed. The downsides are the initial cost and the recurring licensing every 6 months.

So bottom line Im willing to invest the time, effort and money if I can get a few folks to take ownership of some this stuff.

In the 5 years since I started this I have learned I can grow a site pretty well but the growth comes at the expense of one or all of the other sites because Im an army of one.

Anyhow feel free to share your thoughts. Im very interested

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I know social media can be a pain but its free to create a page just post simple info once in awhile. Its really not that time consuming and could create a ton of traffic for the page. If your in the need for a little help with manpower I would be willing to try and help with what I can.

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