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So, my Blazer has had a small, intermittent coolant leak for years - no puddles, just missing coolant. Pressure tested OK, shops couldn't find anything wrong. I finally took a good look at it and found the intake manifold gasket leaking. Tore it down Sunday, got parts and got most of it back together yesterday. Finishing it up between rain showers today. So I checked it out on the net, and found that the Blazers were very susceptible to this issue, because of the gasket - plastic and rubber, and GM's use of Dex Cool anti-freeze. (The orange stuff) The new gaskets are metal and rubber. Go figure. 

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Coolant leaks can be obscure. So, got the Blazer all back together, and it wouldn't start, cranked but no start. Tried it until the battery was almost drained. Let it sit while I "re-thought my strategy", (turned the air blue), and started checking the basics. Checked the fuel rail, plenty of pressure, hooked up a vacuum gauge, turned it over to get a reading and it started right up. Arrrr. 

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I have seen vehicles that leak a small amount out of their radiator hoses during the heat up and cool down of an engine. You almost never see it. You slowly lose coolant and if you never check the level dont notice until there is an issue.

My GMC Sierra does this, but so slowly I still only need to add more maybe once every 3 or 4 months.

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