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It's a start!


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Yes it is!!!! 8)

I don't think I ever laughed so hard, wathcing King Obamo ranting on national T.V. over this "Cowardly" loss.. :laugh:

With him berating his constituents for the NAY vote on signature legislation, I think it is a dead issue, in reality. Which is a good thing. Maybe he can spend some of his recently aquired time doing something constructive like tackling the nearly 17 Trillion dollar debt. :grin:

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From his rant on the White House steps..

The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill," Obama said.

Well... I know who lied and it wasn't the NRA. It was the guy standing at the podium yesterday, Using helpless victims as political props and pawns, which he tried to use to get his "Signature" legislation passed. Which none of this proposed legislation would have done one thing to protect our children.

If you want to have a good laugh, tune into MSNBC today and watch the libiots bitch and moan about the evil NRA and it's supporters allowing terrorists to freely buy firearms. Quite amusing. :grin:

(Of course I don't stay tuned in too long. It goes against my personal boycott of all things NBC and CNN, but just for today it is pretty damn funny!)

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I think they new this would happen, they have been asking for a vote to see where everyone stands. Now they got it. Bloomberg will use his money to hammer the progun candidates at election time. I too agree now will come the dirty tricks and executive orders.

Our governor has been throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits. There are many messages in his behavior and words. red some of the links here about Malloy, Mossberg and Stag Arms http://www.wtnh.com/#12447759-3

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I'm sure my Senator welcomes Mossberg, Stag, Colt and others


I read the link from your governor. As companies are fleeing the state of Connecticut, due to high taxes and high cost of business, in DROVES.....He insults one of the leading industries who are still trying to make a go of it in CT. Once the insurance companies figure out they can go to Delaware, Atlanta, Charlotte, etc...and operate much cheaper, they will fold the side walks up in Hartford. Of course the few people that remain, with the exception of the minorty like our admin, can sit around and congratluate themselves on how intellectually superior they are to the rest of the country.

Must be tough to be a a polictical minority up there Imschur? In retrrospect, it was probably a good thing I turned down a hell of a salary and moving package, about 10 years ago, to move up there. I would be livid today.

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I can't fault anyone moving away from crap like that, did it myself after living in California fro 30 years. But we need a different model, or we will run out of places to flee to.

Totally agree.

But don't you think all this division in the country being caused by King Obamo!!!! Instead of tackling the "Real" issues of the country, (Jobs, High Unemployment, Taxes, Obamacare, energy policy and the deficit), he chooses to champion the most divisive issues in the country, and anybody that disagrees with him is somehow unamerican. I guess he has decided he can force people to do what he wants, even when, through their representatives, the people have spoken and disagreed with him. Until this administration I have never voted straight ticket. He and his cronies have made it easy for me to go in and just pull the "R" lever.

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