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A.M.M.O. Act


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The Obama administration will go to any lengths to reek havoc on our gun rights.

It started with Fast and Furious, and the selling of firearms to mexican drug cartels by our own government under the table. And everyone knows they planned to later claim the guns came from US illegal sales, and use that to kill our gun rights.

Then the Giffords event happened. And again they claimed it was all the right wing folks clinging to guns and bibles that were responsible.

Then Sandy Hook....and once again our president paraded the victims in front of the TV, all the while proclaiming that we should get rid of the guns. (I'm personally not convinced that this entire thing wasn't deliberately planned and orchestrated by Obama, nobody wants to think of our president being responsible for the murder of children, but I would put it past that usurping anti-american traitor for a minute. And Yes, I do think he would, and could order such a thing. Everyone doesnt think he is a muslim, maybe not, but he is a muslim sympathizer, and they don't care about murdering children, so why would he.)

Then DHS starts stockpiling ammo and assault vehicles.....

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