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I agree. Colt made the ultimate revolvers. I have heard rumors that Colt may someday bring the Python back. That would be awesome.

I also have a pair of 6" & 4" stainless S&W 686's, and a "6 blued & a 6" stainless Ruger GP100 .357magnums, which I don't have any pictures of.

I'll try to get some pics up of them some time.

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Those are sweet!  That's onw thing I don't have is a wheel gun.  I've never owned a revolver of any kind...

I really like a good revolver. I do like the .357 magnums in particular, as I can shoot light .38's for cheap fun shooting, and then load up some heavy .357magnumswhen I want to test my wrists.

Of course reloading makes the rounds cheap enough to still enjoy. I just loaded up about 300 .38's last night.

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i have a Redhawk in 44mag that is NO joy to shoot.  ;D

What!?!?!? I used to have a 5.5"Stainless Redhawk years ago and loved it. I lost my job and had to sell it to pay the bills, but always said I would get another someday. Now many years after getting back on my feet, actually better than ever, I still haven't bought another one. I did buy a Stainless 5.5" .44mag Blackhawk, but sold it as I decided that I didn't shoot it that much compared to my .357mags. Plus reloading for the .44mag still ain't cheap.

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