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Recently the larget LGS in my area had their annual Summer Expo.  Over 100 suppliers and manufactureres where there.  I talked with reps from two different ammo companies.  Both said the same thing.  That is the 22LR production lines are all but completely shut down and have been since the panic began.  The reasoning, and it makes sense, 22LR is so low on profit margin that the raw materials were diverted to the centerfire line due to demand and profitability.

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Today (Sunday) I sent an email to Federal, asking about the rumors of rim fire production shutdown due to raw materials being focused to the center fire production lines. I received a reply later the same day.


All three plants, rimfire, centerfire and shotshell are running 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. What you heard is a rumor.

Have a great week!!


-----Original Message-----


Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2013 5:42 PM

To: Anoka P

Subject: Federal Premium - Ask the Expert Form

Mike W

Hello, I just have a question: Quite a few rumors floating around due to the shortage, the new one I have heard is that rim fire production is shut down because the raw materials are being used in center fire ammunition production. I don't believe that, was wondering if you could comment on your .22lr production?


Mike W.

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It's out there..

For example.

I ordered a new 1911 Gold cup in SS. Took about 3 weeks to come in. When I entered the store, the salesman asked me "Anything in particular you're looking for?"

I replied. "Yes. A Brick of 22LR"

He said "Sorry got 45 ACP and 223 by the case but no 22 LR except for the 50 round boxes at 2.99 a box."

I said "Pity..In that case I'm the guy that ordered the gold cup a few weeks ago. Your boss called yesterday and said it's in. I'm here to pick it up"..

All of a sudden that guy couldn't do enough for me.  As he was filling out the paperwork I asked him was he sure there wasn't a brick of 22LR around?

He sheepishly looked down and whispered..."Let me check the back "

I'll be damned if he didn't come back with a brick of federal 22lr, and basically threw it in with the gold cup..

So...It's out there. Hopefully one day it'll get plentiful enough that you don't have to buy a gold cup to get it. ;D

BTW..I can't get my son's hands off MY Gold cup. But it is sure sweet!!!! :beer:

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