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visited a old friend and did something I should have done many years ago


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So yesterday, once again a brutal assault of pop cans took place...

I took my youngest daughter, who is now 24, out shooting, something we had never done while she was growing up.

Started her out on a single shot 22 with some Sub Sonic's, The single shot posed a challenge for her, she can't wink, or close one eye at a time and the single shot has a peep sight, she then breezed through the Marlin/Glenfield Model 60, struggled with the open sights but enjoyed it. Attached a red dot on it, She liked the red dot. Put a few rounds through the GSG AK, but quickly was asking for a red dot for it (no provisions to mount one) So I then broke out the S&W M&P 15-22, it has a red/green dot on it, she liked the green and before to long she had cans a flying at will, discovering if she shot them at the bottom, they jumped up and flew around. She put a few rounds through the Sig Mosquito, but the M&P 15-22 is where she settled in, reloading several clips on her own and blasted away till the wife called and said we were almost a hour late for dinner with some friends!

On a technical note the M&P cycled the Sub Sonic's when the Sig Mosquito and the Model 60 would not, but both cycled fine on Federal's

The old friend part... The Single shot 22, A Sears & Roebuck (Winchester) Model 1 that I received as a Christmas present when I was 11 years old, the little ole single shot served me well for most of my youth but found its way to the back of the closet as other interest took over. 25 years or so ago it was thought to have been lost in a house fire after having lending it a family member to see if her son had any interest. It was a bitter sweet moment when I found it in a closet in my parents house a little while after my fathers passing almost 6 years ago. The little single shot was sent off to then sit in my son in laws safe in hopes of grand kids.

  So yesterday. I plinked away for a little bit with the little single shot, probably been over 30 years since the last time I fired it and dang that little gun still shoots good!

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The little Sears & Roebuck has made the rounds.

Who's going to end up with it?

Well if grand kids ever come! lol it will go to who ever shows interest!

But I think I am going to restore it, it still looks real good but  there are a couple of little spots in the bluing were it had picked up a little rust from sitting and one pretty good scratch in the stock from where it fell out of its resting place in my bedroom when I was a probably 12.  But dang the thing still shoots great, we were not at any great distance, but at one point there was a can showing its bottom side and I put four rounds in a row right threw the bottom of the can in a pretty tight group before the can flipped!

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She said she really liked shooting cans and I have given some thought to doing the hanging can thing!  if we can go out again before she returns to Kuwait on the 27th we will have to give it a try!

I put 7 rounds through the bottom of that can, three of them were at some other time when it "Presented" its self but there were 4 back to back and that made me giggle a little, we were only about 35 yards but there was just no missing with the old single shot!



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