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magazine questions

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I've only ever seen 2  choices: the OEM M&P 15-22 that come in 10 and 25 round versions, or the Pinker Tactical 35 round mags.

I believe promag discontinued the 32 round mag they once made.

Cost wise the OEM 25rd mags can be found on MidwayUSA for $17.29 but are on backorder. Locally i can find them for about $20-$23 depending on seller.

The Plinker Tactical mags go for $30 on MidwayUSA and are currently in stock and available in black, FDE and OD. These mags sell locally for about $35 in my area.

I dont have any experience with the Plinker Tacticals but have read mixed reviews on them. So i would recommend the OEM mags cuz of the price savings and the 8 of them i own have been reliable. I will probably buy at least 1 of the Plinker Tacticals to try out at some point.

Just my 2 cents  :thumb:

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I own all three, the stock mags work well, I am also very happy with the Pro Mags, I was so happy with them I actually purchased some AR Pro Mags  before the ban in our state took effect, sadly I am very disappointed with the AR mags,  they do not seem to measure up to the quality of the mags for the M&P. and it looks like I need to do a little detail work on them just to get rounds to feed. To bad they  discontinued the mags for the 15-22. My Plinker's continue to have to be loaded one round short but after that they seem to work ok. Harder to load compared to the factory and Pro Mags, even with the load assist tool.  loaded the seams  expands a little, not sure if this is by design or if they are not properly glued together. Time will tell!

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