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new mp4 not feeding well.


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Bought a new mp4 with nice scope etc and love the gun.  Only one issue : it will not feed ammo.

Adjusted the bolt speed but no difference.

Am trying different ammo.

Specific issue is rounds tend to hit ingress to barrel on the tip at an angle where it dents the lead which sometimes bends the round.  The rounds do not seat well and I get alot of misfires.  I am thinking this may be due to magazines.  I have two 30 round mags now.  One seems to have less problems than the other but both have same issue.  Is thier some particular thing I can do to get the mags to seat in the rifle.  At times the mags fall out on own while i  am fireing.   

Thanks a bunch  MIke

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called customer service at umarex and they sent me a new mag release pin.  this must be a different pin than the one that origionally came with the rifle.  installed it this weekend and it felt like a different rifle. the mags were seated firmly .  cant wait to get it to the range.

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