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Colt M4 showoff picture thread


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So let's see those Colt M4s.

Here is mine. A few slight changes since this picture. I got a Magpul CTR in Multicam, Eotech 512 Holosight, Viking tactics light mount w/ VTAC L4 and Magpul MBUS in FDE. need to take another picture.


This is why I wanted him on this forum - sick modifications solscud! This is exactly how i wanted my m4 to look like as soon as i saw it on m4carbine.net. Sorry in advance if i build mine almost identical to yours!  ;D

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Thanks I love this gun.  Now that I have had about 1500 rounds through it, she runs like a champ with the Federals.  Just gotta clean about every 400 rounds or so.

Started out as the standard M4 (ops wasn't available), I put the colt RIS handgrips on, removed the front sight & covered the holes w/ an adjustable quad rail barrel mount.  I had tacticool fab me a custom barrel thread adapter so the I could mount the spikes tactical suppressor to slip over the barrel & thread near the muzzle end.  Finished off w/ your standard aluminum handgrip & for fun put the Insight M3X light from my Sig P220 on there.  I like being able to remove it & put it on whichever gun I'm using.

Did I say this gun is loads of fun?  ;D

I'm really hoping someone here comes up w/ a fix for the trigger to lighten the pull up.  I don't have enough smithing skills to get in there & start messing around with it myself.

BTW, I took it to a public range, and the rangemaster freaked when he saw the can.  Kept asking me if I had the appropriate paperwork & such.  I actually had to unscrew it to prove it wasn't real. 

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My latest incarnation, OD Krylon, hollowed stock, shimmed receiver tube, ATI stock pad, Leapers red/green illuminated reticle scope, engraved dust cover, 1/2''X28tpi thread adapter, reverse flash suppressor,Lenser tactical lite.....fun fun fun!!! :grin:



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