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What 10/22 for a base gun


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Hi guys, 

I also would like to know if its better to by a base rife and mod it ( which one?) or is it better to buy a reciever, barrel, trigger unit and match them.  I am wanting to shoot distances a little more accuratly than my colt mp4 22lr.  I also would like a rifle that fires very reliably.    Thanks in advance. Mike

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They're all good but affectionados seem to prefer the older models with the anodized receivers and aluminum trigger groups as opposed to the current models with painted receivers and polymer trigger groups. Keep in mind that the VERY old 10/22's have barrels threaded to the receivers making aftermarket barrels non-existant. These older threaded models from the 60's are rare and somewhat collectable.

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Both the Glocks (17) and H&K MP 5 that I use at work have "plastic" bodies and trigger guards, as does the S&W. I don't have a problem with the principal of the new 10/22 parts, but to be fair have not shot one yet.

I would recommend thinking about buying a second hand gun as you will probably throw away the barrel and stock at some point.

With the exception of the Receiver, I have replaced everything in/on mine - some more than once, as I play with different styles and products.

I would also recommend that you try to handle a finished product of the design you are thinking about building. I spent a lot of money on a Green Mountain bull barrel only to find it was to heavy for the competition work I do. So I now have a light 15oz Tactical Solutions barrel on and there is no noticeable effect on felt recoil and I can keep it on target for much longer.

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The 10/22 will be my fun guns, as far as I know there is no competition with .22 in this area. Which is a shame because when I go to my gun club you very often see people with both .22 rifles and pistols. Right now I only have a bolt action Marlin 925R rifle I love shooting it, I can block out the world and just lose myself in the routine of operating the bolt, aiming, and firing slowly and methodically. I find it very relaxing

However, there are times I want to be able to just pull the trigger quickly and repeatly to destroy a gnome or keep a spinner going.

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