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It's that time of the year again


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I treated myself to a real nice rod and reel this year. Frigging bass pro 6 months pay thingy. The old stuff is going to a thrifty old friend who has been running my hand me downs for 20 years. The eyes on his rod as well as line guide on the reel have a groove from line wear.

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Friday I will be out of touch with all electronic devices  :thumb:

oh no your going back to the stone age :o

Have a great day fishing

I have some older gear but my favorite reels are shimano baitrunners i have 3 of them, i do alot of bottom fishing and these reels have a double clutch so when the bait is out and sitting on the bottom you engage the second clutch and it acts as a second drag setting and  when a fish bites and swims off it stops the pole getting dragged in the lake, they are a really good reel worth every penny also they have a deep spool which holds about 250 yards of 15lb line and are good for casting up to 150 yards with my 12 foot carp poles.


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I was using a few 15-20 year old Daiwa and Quantum baitcasters up until last year. i thought "How much can they improve" Well last year i bought a Shimano Curado and the differences are stunning.

Over the winter i gave away the rest of my baitcasters and bought a new one for frogging and a small Shimano Core MG7 for light lures. Then I went to Cabelas and tried a Shimano Sustain FE spinning reel. It made my Team Daiwa Advantage 2500 feel not as superior as it once was. So I bought the Shimano. Didnt want to put the new reel on my old GLoomis rod so i bought a new St Croix spinning rod.

Drew is all new in 2011

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I like to fish, but in NM if you fish from the bank you have to have rod & reel, plus a gun loaded with snake shot.

Seriously if you don't own a boat the fishing is pretty tough here, since we've been drought conditions for several years all the lakes and reseviors are very low and the game and fish people have said it has cause problems with the fish population.

Trout fishing in the mountian streams & rivers is good with both golden and browns. We get a lot of out state fly fisherman in to fish the San Juan river.

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Our 110 pound dog hates snakes. He will stand up to a hoard of armed Zombies but whip even a snake skin and he is gone like the wind. Toby dogs dont like snakes.

We see a lot of snakes. Dont need to worry about most but there's this one type who's name I forget, while non venemous they are very confrontational.

They are black with orangish/salmon colored bellies.

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Once, our cat Gucci, came in with a live coral snake wrapped around his nose. He had the snake in his mouth just behind the snake's head. Keep n mind the coral snake is the most deadly snake in America so we were surprised and dancing on our toes as you might well imagine. We got the snake from Gucci and killed it without anyone being bitten. It was an exciting afternoon to say the least.

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Well it  was a great day just not a great day for fishing. Will all the rain we had there was only about 4 places to fish from shore. There was no getting out on the rocks. A lot of people. The only fish I saw get caught was mine. I caught a nice 14" Brown Trout. Everyone was getting skunked.

The weather was great as was the food. Toby had an awesome time. He love New York Strip and Sam Adams beer.

My stomach was bothering me a bit and every time it hit the woods I came out covered with ticks. That was awful.





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