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Shooting impressions: The S&W M&P 22

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First time to the range today with the Smith 22.Put about 100 rounds through it,including 50 rounds of REMINGTON bulk.Not one hiccup.No FTF,no nothing. Just BANG every time the trigger pulled.  Comparing it to my Colt/Umarex..The Colt is an exact visual copy to my "real" M-4.Except for the magazine, I cannot tell them apart. The Colt does have an occasional hiccup,but it is rare. I have never fired anything but bulk ammo through either gun,and am highly pleased with em both.Accuracy is excellent. The S&W is the newer one with the blue spring and muzzle suppressor. I dont know if I cud make a choice between the two....need more time with em.. Best wishes, terry

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What a dilemma needing to spend more time with .22 rifles  :grin:

Yeah what a problem....LOL I have the C/U OPS and the M&P Pistol and I couldn't choose between the two. These pictures are my Colt/Umarex and my buddies Armalite AR 15 together. Besides the Shark flash hider and the magazine there is no difference. He cannot tell the difference with his eyes closed. Same weight, feel, etc.


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