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FN FNP 45 Tactical


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I have a long time internet friend and guitar buddy who just started shooting. Hadnt done any since his youth. He went out and bought a Beretta NEOS. I posted about my FNP the other day. Yesterday  he was at a big gun show in Houston. Here's his reply

Damn you Drew!!!! Went to the gun show today and wound up taking this home..



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Congrats Drew... :beer:

Yeah, I'm having a ball with the FNP...

What got me about the show MadHouse, was the crowds...WOW!!!

I got there at 1:00 P.M. and by the time I looked at everything, they were announcing...

"It's 4:30. Thirty minutes till we close. Time to wrap up your purchases to have ample time for the background check"...

So I ran back over to the AJC table and bought the FNP45, and another Taurus Judge..

At times you would just have to wade through the crowds. This was my 1st gun show, but I had a ball..


I just thought guitars were expensive.. ;D

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