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Long 2 days


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Yesterday my wife had to have arthroscopic surgery on her left hip. We had to be there at 6am and it takes 45 minutes to get there, gotup at 4:30am. Surgery is suppose to start at 7:30 last 2-1/2 hours, 1 hour in the recovery room. So out by 12-1pm. Wron , because he had more work than he thought surgery lasted until 12:45, my wife has trouble coming out of anesthesia, plus there is another patient causing schedule probelms. So we left at 4pm, I dropped off a prescription that if I had been given prior I could have filled beforehand, and take her home and get her situated, found a neighbor who could watch her while I ran back and got her prescription and some jello for her, so I got home after 6pm. This shouldn't have been day surgery, should have at least kept her for one night, until the initial shock of the surgery wore off and so she wouldn't have had a 45 minute ride so soon after. She had muscle spasm and pain all night and cried out with each so I got very little sleep. She finally drifted off to a go sleep about 4am and so did I after that. Been constantly busy taking care of her today and catching up on chores, I'm headed to bed  myself in a few. Thanks for letting me rant Imshur you can delete this if you want.

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