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Archangel Marauder Stock

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Just ordered the Archangel Marauder stock for the Ruger 10-22. I love the look of the HK g36. Anyone else here used this setup? What do you think of it?

Found the stock at www.ineedmoregear.com


They also have the magazines with the Marauder sleeve as well.


Now I gotta just try to be patient. :dance:

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Received my new Marauder stock today. :beer:

Got it all setup and installed in a bit over an hour. Looks great but I think I'm gonna do a digital camo paint job on it. I'm thinking  maybe white, grey and black. I found some interesting ideas on youtube for doin camo paintjobs an I'm itchin to give it a try. I might do a test on the original stock and foregrip for my GSG522 first to see if I like the outcome. :thumb:

Here are some pics of my 10-22 before and after the Marauder stock.



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The mag release on mine is a bit tight. The internal clearance between the mag sleave and the receiver is a little tight so it doesn't drop out under its own weight when the mag release is operated. It also is a little tight when loading the mag as well. I will be tearing it down soon to do a camo duracoat paintjob and will look into what is causing the resistance. It isn't so bad as to be a hinderance but when trying to reload mags quickly it would slow you down considerably. I wonder if the alingment of the barrel and action of the 10-22 within the archangel kit might be causing the extra friction. The ruger parts fit very tightly within the marauder stock and may need to be shifted slightly to align the magwell better. :grin:

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the Archangel Marauder stock kit comes with an extended mag release and bolt catch that must be installed into the ruger trigger group. The parts are pretty easy to install as long as you are carefull to install them in the same orientaion as the original parts.

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Alright folks, here it is, as promised. I have finished the Duracoat Urban MirageFlage camo on my new Archangel Marauder. I spent the last couple days masking, painting and remasking so I hope you all like what you see. I think it turned out pretty decent. The stencil pattern I got with the kit looks good but had trouble getting the pieces to stick down around all the rounded corners so a few spots the paint lines aren't as sharp as they should be. Also the stencil kit should have come with about half again as many stencil strips cuz I had to make a few of my own to finish the job. They say the stencils are reusable but not in this instance. Are completely trashed. If anyone else buys one of the kits to do a tactical rifle, do yourself a favor and buy an extra set of stencils. I bought the stencils and duracoat separately from Midway. The stencils were $16.99 and the duracoat kit was $34.99 plus $7.49 for some reducer.

IBefore I began the Duracoat project I commented on how the magazine was kinda tight within the Marauder stock, well the Marauder comes with a special magazine and sleave. The magazine is just slightly too wide and rubs on the inside of the mag well. I'm gonna try to sand down the magazine sides with some fine grit wet/dry sandpaper to clearance the magazine better. If I do it right I should be able to operate the mag release and have the magazine drop out on its own. I just gotta be carefull not to remove too much material so it isn't flopping around.

Well tell me what you think... :grin:



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Only finished spraying the rifle yesterday but during the reassembly i did drop the magazine and didn't leave any marks. This stuff is pretty tough already and they say it will continue to get tougher over the next 4-6 weeks. I'm gonna shelf the gun for about a month before I take it to the range to try it out. (haven't had a chance to fire it yet)

I would highly recommend using a respirator while spraying duracoat. I forgot to put mine on while doing the gray color any had a terrible headache all night so it couldn't have been good 4 me.

I will probably use duracoat again on another project I'm looking to start building.

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