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New H&K 416D 22LR

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Recently picked up the H&K 416D 22LR. Ran 100 rounds smoothly through it today and was very accurate with stock sight at 50 yards. It was a great deal of fun to shoot and I see shooting this a lot due to the "fun factor" and low cost of ammo. I wanted a rifle that I can share with friends when visiting that would be easy to handle and exciting to shoot.

[img width=800 height=600]http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo36/Klozures/IMG_0976.jpg

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very cool. hope you like it.

my .02 after 10,000rds the best way to clean it is seperate the receivers.

hold the bolt back and push up the mag lock to lock the bolt back.

hold the upper with barrel pointin up and spray silicone lube in teh chambering area like a mad man in it. alllll the residue and grime will come out. it will be very very dirty. unless you want to spend hours dissassembling it to get the bolt out.

its designed much like an AEG airsoft gun. if you ever take it apart completely. it helps to super glue the nuts in the shell halves so you dont lose them

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